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Developments in international trade are frequent – and with Brexit looming, you’ll want to be reading good quality, to the point information that concerns your business. We write about the topics you’re searching, and are happy to answer questions directly if you contact us here.

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Exporting

    Have you got a product/service that is selling well in the UK? Despite the size of your company and the sector you trade in, it is likely that there is a profitable market you can tap into abroad too. Selling […] Read more
  • How much is import tax?

    Import tax is applied when imported goods first enter the country. When your shipment of goods reaches the border, you must file entry documents at the port of entry and pay the estimated duties to customs. Import taxes – also […] Read more
  • What is an import licence?

    An import licence is an official document issued by a nation’s government. It authorises particular goods and services to be imported into its territory, an import licence might be required for your import business. According to Gov.UK, certain goods are […] Read more
  • What is export finance?

    Export finance is financial assistance given by banks and other financial institutions to businesses looking to export and sell products overseas. Export finance allows businesses cash-flow or working capital, that might otherwise be caught up in invoices that take weeks […] Read more
  • What is a Letter of Credit?

    When importing or exporting goods overseas, there are a number of aspects that involve risk. We discuss these in detail. Read more
  • What is Freight Forwarding?

    A freight forwarder makes exporting manageable for anyone involved in or considering exporting. For any growing company, the idea of selling their products internationally can be an exciting endeavour – international customers, different markets and a global footprint. So whilst […] Read more

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